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20cm Copper Pot au Feu

5 stars out of 5 based on 1 review. (1 review)

The 20 cm Pot Au Feu delivers everything you've come to depend on with Falk cookware while distinguishing itself from the pack with features that make it a food enthusiast's dream. This new must-have darling of the Falk product line-up is sleek, attractive and versatile.

With its curved sides, it's a natural stand-in for the stew pan, while providing higher sides than a traditional casserole, yet less volume than our massive cauldrons. Ideal for soups, stews, large portions of pasta or mash, yet designed to transition from oven to table where it makes a beautiful serving piece.

All of this, plus copper's even heat distribution to eliminate hot spots and maintain consistent temperatures, a flared lip for pouring, two indestructible cast iron handles, a brushed finish to provide an easy to care for product.

  • Higher sides than traditional casseroles-but not as huge as a cauldron
  • Perfect for soups, mashed potatoes, large portions of pasta
  • Spherical sides similar to the saucier for easy stirring
  • Ideal as stew pan for larger quantities
  • Ideal for cheese fondues

Falk Ref: INO2587SF

Diameter: 20cm (7.9")  Height: 12.7cm (5")  Capacity: 3.38 litres (5.9 pints)  Weight: 2.33 kgs (5.1 lbs)


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Customer Reviews

5 stars out of 5 based on 1 review. (1 review)

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“Deserves a design award!” - Philip

5 stars out of 5

I would recommend this product to a friend!

Falk 20cm Copper Pot au Feu


This Pot au Feu deserves a good design award; it is a truly beautiful thing to behold! I make soup often and making it in this Pot au Feu is strangely therapeutic - but then good food should be enjoyable to prepare as well as to eat. I'm sure that's why I look forward to cooking more!

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falk culinair classical 20cm copper pot au feu
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