Why is copper better?

In cooking, the answer boils down to one basic fact. The way copper conducts heat. There are many factors which enlarge upon that fact, but it's the thermal conductivity of copper that makes it a natural choice for cookware.

What exactly does this mean to you as a consumer?

Well, you can be assured that no other metal or material has a greater ability to conduct, diffuse and maintain heat. That means there will be even heat distribution throughout all areas of the vessel. No hot or cold spots to hinder delicate recipes. It is also highly thermally reactive, which ensures that it will respond to changes in temperature quicker than other materials and metals.

Are there other benefits?

Copper is strong and durable. As a non corrosive metal it isn't going to suffer the same type of wear and tear as other materials, and will likely have a longer lifespan than you, so be prepared to enjoy it's benefits for the duration of your cooking life. Purchasing copper cookware is a lifestyle choice more than merely a culinary statement.

Now the important question:

Why Falk Culinair?

Falk Culinair’s patented bimetal technology places us solidly in a league of our own. This bimetal process takes a 2.3mm thick plate of solid copper and bonds it at the atomic level, in a process called intercrystallisation, to a fine 0.2mm layer hygienic stainless steel creating a new product entirely.

What does this bimetal do for you?

In cookery, it provides all the obvious benefits of copper with the bonus of non reactive stainless steel interiors that will last the lifetime of the product. Stainless steel will not taint food with metallic flavors or toxins as tin and aluminum do, and due to the chemical bond, the lining and the exterior are bonded permanently. So this means your Falk cookware will conduct heat evenly, maintain temperature, react to even minute changes in temperature quickly and effectively, and ensure that the foods you cook will be pure and unaltered by chemical reactions.

What other features does Falk Culinair possess?

A significant benefit of our cookware is the lower energy footprint, which in our world of shrinking resources and hothouse gases, can only be a good thing. Due to the way copper conducts and maintains heat, it requires lower temperatures to achieve the desired results when cooking. This means you use less energy, whether your heat source is gas or electric. Cooking times are often reduced as well, so when making the choice to buy Falk Culinair solid copper cookware, you can add being “green”to the list of benefits.

Isn't copper difficult to clean?

All copper tarnishes. This is true. But our cookware possesses a modern satinated finish providing the lustrous glow that make copper so beautiful, but which doesn’t need polishing like shiny copper does. Our cookware can be cleaned using Scotch Briteā„¢ very fine pads by 3M® with nothing more than warm soapy water. The stainless steel interiors are very easy to clean in soapy dishwater, making this a product that meets the needs of a busy generation.

Isn't copper heavy?

Our cookware is heavier than some brands, that weight being the very thing professional chefs prefer for many cooking applications. We provide ergonomic solid cast iron handles and helper handles on the larger pieces to make lifting safe and easy, from oven to hob to table. All of our products and lids are 100% oven proof as well.

Any added benefits?

In addition to all of the many benefits of copper and stainless steel bimetal construction and ergonomic cast iron handles, the beauty of copper itself makes it desirable as a serving vessel. Many chefs have told us they like to serve a variety of side dishes in covered copper pots at the table as they stay perfectly warm and retain moisture and flavour. Also, we offer many hybrid pieces which are so versatile they provide multi function use, giving you the greatest value for money.

With Falk Culinair you can expect more...

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