Watch how our cookware is made

Welcome to Falk Culinair, where beautiful hand crafted copper cookware is manufactured in Belgium to exacting standards for some of the finest cooper cookware available on the market today.

All of our stunning cookware possesses Falk’s patented bimetal technology, which combines the timeless and highly effective thermogenic benefits of solid copper with the non–reactive and equally durable properties of stainless steel. The 2.5mm solid copper plate used in the manufacturing process is of professional standards and the durability is unsurpassed as well.

Guided by the collaboration of professional chefs, our individual pieces reflect the design requirements of serious cooks. The shapes and sizes of various pieces are design–specific to accommodate a variety of cooking applications from whole fish, to the high volume recipes facilitated by our mousseline pans, to our sauciers, casseroles, stew pans, and more. We have all of your cooking needs covered.

Each piece of cookware possesses a flared lip to catch drips and facilitate pouring, and our cast iron handles not only look rustic and appealing, they are ergonomic as well, fitting comfortably in the hand for safe lifting.

Though Falk Culinair is an industry leader with cutting edge technology built into every single piece of cookware, we’re also keenly proud that our family owned business emphasizes the personal and human touch that established our sterling reputation through the years. We still inspect each piece by hand today, just as we did in decades past.

The superior heat conductivity that is copper’s signature attribute will give you a cooking experience free from hot spots that occur with less thermogenic materials. Copper conducts and maintains heat better than any other material used for cooking, and the stainless interiors will not interact with your recipe’s flavours either. The quick response to changes in temperature also make our products, “green,” as less energy is required to achieve and maintain the desired results.

Falk Culinair is still operated by the Van Achter family which founded it in 1958. Established by Pieter Paul, with Paul Van Achter bringing to bear his engineering genius when he developed and patented the bimetal process in 1985, the dynasty continues with Jan Van Achter at the helm, guiding the company with his marketing expertise into the 21st century and beyond.

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